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Ground Operations-webGROUND OPERATIONS

GO Argentina owns a specialist team in all the operations necessary for ground handling cruise. Pre and Post cruise services where we can assist with transfers cruisers or from hotels, airport and port. Also the possibility of accommodation in the leading hotels of the city of Buenos Aires.

The best excursions with next-generation transport , professional tour guides and the most attractive visits , will transform the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings in a lasting impression for visitors.


One of the activities for which we are recognized in the market is for the operation of embarking and disembarking cruise passengers , this is because we desempe several years on this task for different companies.

Our team is highly qualified to perform such activities as all members of the operating department have attended training courses on various occasions and have developed their skills in this way to get results efficiently and effectively. Knowing deeply the activity, standards of quality and ways of working , our staff is able to adapt each time to the most diverse requirements and contingencies.

Shore ExcursionsEXCURSIONS

The years of experience in this type of service have allowed us to complement our work in the field of incoming tourism to the Shore Excursions from various cruise companies, capitalizing a strong relationship with the best local providers .

We develop ourselves and we guarantee a quick solution to any requirement , we are able to offer the best choice for any application or create new circuits that are attractive to customers.


The accommodation is one of the most memories of a great holiday present. For this pleasurable memory is a team especialsta reserves, monitoring and maturities will deal minutely rooms of guests with the necessary responsibility and the fundamental objective of achieving a perfect stay.

For cruise passengers , we know that the first and / or last guest experience will be on land, so we can offer the best hotels to maintain the standard of service received on board.


It is a basic and almost minor service but that must run efficiently for the good start or end of the holiday. Ensure punctuality, good treatment, assistance with luggage, comfortable units and tailored to a demanding passenger. We can provide the best transfer or connection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.