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Activities and excursions are endless in the city. We detail below the most traditional Tours  in Buenos Aires.
If you want to be part or have knowledge of non-traditional tours, do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • Buenos Aires City Tour
    In this journey of about 4 hrs . one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America , will visit the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires that make a unique destination in South America. Among the main attractions of the city you discover the historic center around the Plaza de Mayo, the ever-present Obelisk symbol of Buenos Aires , the Recoleta Cemetery , one of the top three in the world, where lie the most important personalities They forged the country’s history , the magic of tango in colorful Caminito street and the passion of football , both in the neighborhood of La Boca.
  • Buenos Aires City Tour with lunch
    It is a journey of about 6 hours . one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America. The most traditional neighborhoods will be visited , in order to understand the cultural influences that make it unique to each . Among the main attractions of Buenos Aires you will know the Plaza de Mayo, the Obelisk, the Recoleta Cemetery and colorful Caminito street with his tango mark. They will also enjoy a typical food of our country, the asado .
  • Tango Show
    He will live a special night where music 2×4 will travel back in time to explore the history of Tango and at the same time enjoy a live show at the highest level , professional dancers , featured singers, a dressing care and excellent start scene dazzle your senses.
  • Dinner Tango Show
    Excellent tango show you can add a delicious dinner in the light of the candles prior to the show will close a memorable evening in the wonderful Buenos Aires night .
  • Field Day at Estancia
    However , the vastness of our country roots of the Argentine people born in the vast pampas , where even today you can visit the large units that Argentina made ​​the Republic a powerful country at the end of the nineteenth century . The Buenos Aires led the gaucho field , one of the typical characters of the Argentina culture, which enjoy their skills in an appropriate setting for the Argentine pampas. This excellent picnic will be accompanied by the best beef in the world prepared ” to grill ” by the same gauchos , accompanied by music , dance and folklore typical of Argentina . Our country ride will take about eight hours from start to return to Buenos Aires.
  • San Antonio de Areco
    Just 100 kms . of the City of Buenos Aires will reach the ” Pueblo de Areco ” , home of the National Festival of Tradition. There you can visit a village frozen in time where the gaucho had a major role in the history of Argentina . You can go old houses, grocery stores, museums and prominent delicate goldsmiths silversmiths where , for more than a century, made ​​with metal that names the country incredible works of art. A delicious asado complete a magnificent day “payments” Don Segundo Sombra . This clearly gaucho ride last about 8 hours dye from departure to return to Buenos Aires.
  • Tigre
    Nothing compares to the unique landscape of the Delta of the Parana River in the city of Tigre. The visit will begin touring the parties in the north of the Province of Buenos Aires until the Tren de la Costa to the city of San Isidro , national capital of Rugby and seat of important mansions , villas and an imposing neo-Gothic cathedral . Once in the city of Tigre, aboard a modern catamaran , you discover the picturesque islands , the gentle streams and the peculiar life of the islanders. Visiting the Tigre Delta including the City of San Isidro is a walk lasting approximately 4 hours, if you want to have lunch in a restaurant in the islands, then the duration would be approximately 6 hours ..